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Welcome to
To' Makao Fine Cigars, Bethlehem Pennsylvania's premier boutique cigar shop. Good friends and good times is what we are about, with a great selection of hand made cigars and a spacious cigar lounge to enjoy the camaraderie. We have fresh rolled cigars as well as many boutique and national cigar brands to choose from.

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We proudly house the largest and freshest selection of premium cigars in Bethlehem, PA. Our legacy began in 2013 when we turned a small cigar boutique in the world famous Lehigh Valley south side, into a beautiful location filled with the finest selection of premium cigars. Come satisfy your palate with an array of perfectly aged, flawless cigars. From the dark, oily and rich Arturo Fuente Opus x to the Ashton VSG Sun Grown, there is something for everyone here at
To’ Makao Fine Cigars.

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This is a Work of Art made by our Master Roller Franklin Pichardo using the talent developed during 25 years of experience in the cigar world.  We dedicate these truly rare cigars to the true aficionado  
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Franklin Pichardo

The Owner

Franklin Pichardo began his lifelong career as a cigar professional by learning at the hands of industry giants.  At the age of 16, as yet unaware of his hidden talent, Pichardo was making a living washing cars in Santiago. He didn’t know the first thing about tobacco – until a dear friend changed his life forever. “A very good friend of mine, Andres Belliard, said to me one day, ‘Hey young man, do you want to start rolling cigars?’” Pichardo said. “I told him, ‘Sure. Nothing is impossible. Let’s try.’ So I did.”That was 1995. Today Pichardo celebrates 21 years in the cigar industry, including the first 15 with Arturo Fuente as an Opus X roller (Tabaquero)
The Arturo Fuente Opus X cigar is one of the most highly regarded cigars in the world. It is the benchmark for which many cigar companies use to measure excellence, and Pichardo was one of the chosen few who had the opportunity to roll the majesty of the industry

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Our Focus

Custom ciagr bands with your corporate logo or event name is a great way to brand your event, promote your company, and make a regular party a memorable celebration for any occasion!


We know the importance of a wedding or any occasion for that matter. That is why our founder, Frankin, hand crafts each cigar that will have you in awe. With over 15 years in the business, we can guarantee the best quality with each puff.

High Quality

All of our products are only made from the best of the best materials, products, and craftsmanship. Whether it is the making of the cigar itself or the leaf, we supply with the best quality.


When working with us, we can assure you a great cigar at any price point. With extensive and expertise in this field, our expert will guide to you for your cigar selection.

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